Kids courses

The lessons take place either during the week or on Saturdays. Our groups consist of 6-8 children so that each student gets individual attention, but is also able to learn from one another and interact as a group. They are based around fun, engaging and hands-on learning techniques – targeting at core vocabulary suitable for this age. The topics include, but are not limited to, numbers, colours, objects, verbs, parts of the body. The first steps with the English alphabet are made. The children get used to the sound, pronunciation and nature of the English language. In the classroom we use a lot of interactive materials and games, songs and short movies which attract the very young learners’ attention, boost their interest and build the foundation for their future studies of the language.

The teachers at Central Language Hub have finished their studies and have obtained educational qualifications in the USA, Canada and Great Britain

The classes take place twice a week for two student hours, or on Saturdays for three student hours. The groups consist of 6 children so that each student gets individual attention, but are also able to learn from each other and interact in a group setting. Contemporary, interactive books are used and the topics and materials have been chosen carefully so that the children are intrigued and amused at the same time. The purpose is to learn and practice grammar and vocabulary suitable for the age. Each class has practical exercises which help the students overcome their shyness, build confidence and to get used to speaking in English. Native speakers take part in the classes which additionally contributes to improved speaking and listening skills.

For teenagers, we have a few options depending on their level and needs.

The classes are twice a week or on Saturdays.

  1. B1, B1+, В2, В2+
  2. Certificate preparation- FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL.
  3. Conversational English
  4. State Exam preparation.

In these courses, apart from grammar skills and vocabulary improvement, we pay special attention to writing skills such as emails, reports, essays, descriptions of people and events, film and book reviews and other types of texts which will be useful for higher education and all kinds of jobs and occupations.

1-4 graders

Beginning: 01 June

End: 31 July

The summer kids’ courses are every day from 9 to 12 o’clock with the option of attending the whole summer or for one month in either June or July.

The lessons are very practical, aiming at speaking English. Everything is like a game – through art, acting, and exploring the city children improve their language skills in memorable way. Once a week the lessons are held outside the school- in the park, at the market, in a museum or in the Old city in order to practice English in different environment. The focus of these courses is speaking – to develop fluency and confidence in spoken English. For half the day, children will interact with teachers whose native language is English.

These continue for two weeks. The groups are divided according to the children’s level and age.

The focus is speaking and gaining fluency and confidence! The students practice the language using their imagination in role play, storytelling, team games, making projects and creating their own videos.