Having questions ?

11. How old do I have to be to participate in a language course?
We start accepting students at 4 years of age
22. Are there any language courses for absolute beginners?
Yes, we have courses for all levels.
33. Is any English spoken at these courses?
Yes, through real life stimuli, media, debates, presentations and other games, you will learn the correct pronunciation, slang, idioms and other formal and informal language used by Native speakers. We offer beginner to advanced speaking courses. Develop your speaking skills with Native English speakers and experience our experience.
44. Are the teachers native speakers?
Yes all of our teachers are native speakers.
55. Can I book a one-week language course?
Yes you can, just contact us vie our mail or phone number.
66. How many students are assigned to each language course?
We keep our class size to no more than 8 to provide students with a personal experience and to make sure our students are getting the attention they need to build the foundations of a foreign language.
77. How many hours a week are used for classes?
You can choose between once a week for 3 hours or twice a week 2 hours each visit.
88. What levels are offered?
We have courses for all levels ( А1, А2, В1, В2, С1, С2 ).